Eco-trauma mislabelled and misunderstood

What we have mislabeled “climate change and chaos” is actually biospheric trauma, which we are now experiencing both psychologically (e.g., ‘eco-anxiety’) and physically. A way to resolve trauma is by focusing awareness on the inappropriate, unnatural relationships that give rise to that trauma, and coming into right relationship. With climate trauma, that means coming into proper relationship with Earth and the natural world as an obvious and natural extension of oneself.

Until we collectively awaken to the personhood of Earth by naming them, perhaps with the name Gaia, and see ourselves as an integral part of their body and ‘mind,’ there is no real basis in awareness for coming into proper relationship with them as a being going through trauma. We will continue, in other words, to experience their trauma as human anxiety over ‘climate change,’ or as an external threat (not seeing the pandemic as their auto-immune system kicking in, for example, but disconnected to inflicted trauma), or as discrete weather events happening somewhere else as irrelevant to oneself. We will continue to view the world we are trying to save from ourselves as “our planet.”

A face in the cloud

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