Nwyfre is the energy that binds all life together, it is the force that we feel coursing through us when we are in nature, or feeling great joy. It is that which connects us all. Nwyfre has many other names in other cultures: prana, chi, spirit to name just three. It is there whether we are conscious of it or not, making life exist as it does. It is in the stars above our heads, the turning of time, in quantum physics, in the growing of a new life and in the release of death. We have a constant yearning for something that connects us to this force. Some people find it in religious or spiritual experiences, some in climbing a mountain or in listening to beautiful music. It is in each and every connection that we have, it is not the doorway that should be concentrated upon, but what is beyond the door.

On Nwyfre.com I write about things that happen in my life: the mundane backdrop to beautiful, Nwyfre-filled moments. Here I also share upcoming events that I am facilitating and that resonate with this page. If you would like me to add an event, book, item or anything else, please ‘like’ and comment.

Nwyfre.com is where healing, thoughts, challenges and beauty are in my life. I am thrilled to share this with you.

My NEW YouTube channel! Search for: Nwyfre Yogini

In blessing,



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