Nwyfre (noo-if-rey) launches!

An umbrella for everything that I do and am? The one thing that holds everything together? A name? For it all? No wonder thinking about this has taken me about five years.

Nwyfre (noo-if-rey) is what I’ve come up with. What does it mean? It’s the Welsh word for ‘the Force’ or the all-connecting energy that holds everything together.  It’s the thing that binds us and penetrates everything we see. What better thing to use to encapsulate everything that will come out of me? Having never really fitted into anything like a role or career, to be finally able to say that everything I do from now on comes from one place, well that feels good.

From Nwyfre springs Nwyfre eco therapy, Nwyfre education, Nwyfre archaeology and landscape connection, Nwyfre tutoring, Nwyfre writing and editing.

http://www.nwyfre.com is where I can be found as well as where courses, workshops, tutoring, writing and articles will all be. Here you will find photographs that I’ve taken, as well as links to excellent books, paintings, courses, other relevent and complementary sites.

When it it is all up and running it will hopefully be a magical place to find inspiration, services and contacts. Here a sense of being able to find connections to everything that inspires you that I will be running myself but also those things that others can offer too, such as plant medicine workshops, music retreats, yoga courses and meditation retreats.

Im looking forward to what comes next! The site will grow in time, but for now, perhaps I’ll start with blogs and musings.