Eco-trauma mislabelled and misunderstood

What we have mislabeled “climate change and chaos” is actually biospheric trauma, which we are now experiencing both psychologically (e.g., ‘eco-anxiety’) and physically. A way to resolve trauma is by focusing awareness on the inappropriate, unnatural relationships that give rise to that trauma, and coming into right relationship. With climate trauma, that means coming into proper relationship with Earth and the natural world as an obvious and natural extension of oneself.

Until we collectively awaken to the personhood of Earth by naming them, perhaps with the name Gaia, and see ourselves as an integral part of their body and ‘mind,’ there is no real basis in awareness for coming into proper relationship with them as a being going through trauma. We will continue, in other words, to experience their trauma as human anxiety over ‘climate change,’ or as an external threat (not seeing the pandemic as their auto-immune system kicking in, for example, but disconnected to inflicted trauma), or as discrete weather events happening somewhere else as irrelevant to oneself. We will continue to view the world we are trying to save from ourselves as “our planet.”

A face in the cloud

Day 66: The end

Oh how

I have realised through this task

That much of the wisdom

That comes tumbling into me

Through senses

Alert and loving of this precious life

That if I do not write it


Down onto hard copy

The truths disappear

And I am left with

Nothing but


That what could have been

The very



Filled with words of truth

That could have saved us all

End up being about

The weather

And birds

And apple blossom



Of my life

Right now

Is not so deep as to be swayed even a little

If a squabble breaks out

Or the dog pees on the carpet

Or if a chicken egg

Smashes on the kitchen floor

And the toddler runs

Straight through

Gone have the lofty plans

To manage a poem a day

How about five-in-one

Playing constant catch-up

By looking through photos and

Giving thanks for snatched


Captured so I can build a memory around it

So that I can distil something of this strange and ordinary life

To you, dear reader

So that through this

We may


Hold onto something

No more daily doses of

Watered-down musings

Instead: I go back to what I know:

Downloads and magic

Flowing when Awen comes

I am no poet

There is no skill here

But I AM a conduit

Of which I am glad

Day 60: Herbal remedy






One of the herbs I have loved

Since I first

Could see

And decipher the greens

Of the world

From one another

And I then realised

How little I know

For how hard can it be to know one

Green from another?

Healing from harm?

Cleansing from accumulation?

Not so hard

It turns out

But fear,

Oh yes this will stop me in my tracks

For many decades

As it turned out,

From learning

What do you fear?

I fear the fear of turning

Toward the not-knowing

And realising

I was welcome all along

Day 59: My birthday tower

And so here it is

and the day dawns

to the truth that I am one year more

more than I was




The river calls

Two new duck families

Barely two days old



More old

more wise?

more me




The spiral continues upwards

like a staircase in the tower

that I dream abut often

clinging to the stone walls

I climb





Over the old ground I go

yet time and again

I am higher

I see more

same place:

different perspective





I dream that the stones steps

are worn away


I lose my hold and

my stomach lurches

with vertigo




wooden stakes

replace the steps

but even they

are rotten and slippery

I lie

prone on my stomach






Yet on I go

upwards and onwards





I never fall





I have not got to the top yet

I feel the walls

cold and strong

as I climb




The tower




I am just the traveller





Day 58: Dreams and visions

It is dawning


Through the treacle of incompetence

That my words count

And I should be writing what I am learning

Like the truth that Spirit Animal

Gazed at me

Waiting at the edge of the glade

For me to enter

Or the doorway

Made from oak

Hanging suspended

By nothing

And through it I glimpse

A mountain top

And a chalice

And air

Pure and crisp blows in my eyes

And they water

With its sting

And with love

Or the wild garlic

Whose scent I can only occasionally catch

So I know I am both human and not

I do not

Do things like everyone else

Or the mugwort

Sprouted by my garden bench

Whose leaves I caress like the dog’s ears

And who whispers dreams and visions as I sit

And tells me it’s time to step into them





Day 57: The air that forms around a poem

Is there benefit to writing

A poem a day?

When the wisdom I learn

Is left


And unshared?

Even when I write those words

A child



Shout loudly and call me back

From the place where words are formed

And once again

Lessons from the multiworlds

Leave me

They do not even leave a trace

And I am left


With words on the page

That do not even remotely


That which I hear from the hawthorns

Or the ruined mill

They instead

Take a form

Which I am meant to honour anyway

Yet the true message:


I have taken journeys

Deep into my psyche

And I bring back




But I leave them

Somewhere close to dreams

In the air that forms around a poem

Day 56: Birthday alien

I began the day

At the old Sycamore

Given to the village

To commemorate something big



And organised takeover

Yet see how much life it holds

Hawthorn and pigeon

Crows and ivy

Weave and cling to its enormous


It was my mother’s birthday

And the cat

Modern tech

Linked the family

Across the globe we laughed

And I threatened to write a book

About our memories

At the old mill again

Ravaged and robbed

By time and people

Now it is a tumble of stone

And hints of watercourses

The kids adore it

Racing across the meadow

And into the fast water


At the close of day

I watched Alien

And watched their faces

When John Hurt’s



They weren’t expecting it

Even when aliens are involved

We never expect such horror

Until it’s done

And he is lying

Dead on the supper table

The alien fled

The human gore remains

We can but see the past and learn

Of the pain when what we love

Is taken