For lost days and discarded gold

Ash leaves spiralling down

With something to say to me whispered clear as they tumble to Earth

I just can’t hear it when they’re all up there together

They say

Fly, let go, be golden, be old, be enough, be the end
I catch them all talking as they fall

One turns into a butterfly as it spins
And once landed, their silence is complete

Until they are so many that the ground is not green

It is yellow with mingled haw and ash on the path

So much golden light just lying there




The golden glow of release and richness

Lying discarded on the path for anyone to trample heavy feet upon

Slow rot begins and turns this into soil

To dirty Dog’s feet and make worms for the robins
Grief of it all envelopes me

Of departed days and ended months that

Whisked themselves from my attention while I was distracted

Days gone and people gone and souls emptied one by one and in droves

This is a mixed up muddled up shook-up world except for the trees

And I am grieving

For lost days and discarded gold

From ‘Lola’ the Kinks

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