Day 6: A hammock can be many things

Blackbird chats noisily overhead

While they row row row

Their boat gently down the stream

A hammock can be many things




As the sun goes down

The starlings come out

They look up from their observation post

To say

They started at six o’clock with only their friends

And began a little clump of promise

Zooming around the sky

Then their friends got the message and

More and more of them arrived

Until now

Look mummy!

The sky a filled with murmuration

And squeaking and

Occasional drops of shit on the roof



Intensely the group constricts

The noise grows startling


Confusing and a little bit scary



The shapes are fluid


Breathtaking in their daring-do


The hammock is a refuge

Their safe space to hide and watch

What mysterious orchestration is this display?

Ferocious movement

Intense choosing



Completely they

Roost and settle


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