Day 16: Over the railway track

I walk with the girls this time

We leave the boys behind

Safe in the house

And we go once again

Just us

Like it was a long time ago

Springtime memories of the first


Beginnings of single motherhood

He left at Christmas

By when the first buds began to open

We were a coven

My little Coven of women

Ready to step out

Into the bright





And see what was out there

Nearly two years

Two cycles of the Sun

Around our sacred Earth

We played and learned

And sang and ran

Me and my girls

And my dog

Now the abundant wild garlic 

Empowers us 

I remember

Perhaps they do not

They were very young

Innocent and unknowing

Its scent and sharpness

takes me back to the glade

Lost between fields

Where we grew up in safety

Me and my girls

We had an Ash

Whose trunk was a saddle

The Oak

Whose body was Grandfather

The meandering

Raging beck

Whose bed was rarely the same from one month

To the next

Over the railway track

And into the dappled Grove

We ran

And Sang

And picked wild garlic

And waited for Summer

One thought on “Day 16: Over the railway track

  1. This is so moving and evocative. I thought of your walk down through the woods and how the children ( very small then)- one on your back sometimes) knew the names of trees and flowers, and how that has stayed with them always in their connection with Nature. It is a sacred gift. A beautiful poem.

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