Day 18: Never too young

Never too young to see the birds

Through binoculars,

To learn their names

And learn how to track the sound

Of their call



Here! A blackbird has seen you

How do you know?

Can’t you hear it scolding?

The Robin, see, he’s sitting

High in the pine tree

Surveying his realm



Look! Look properly,


With eyes and ears and soul and that part of you,

Akin to intuition,

That muscle needs flexing

It need unfurling

Like a frond of bracken

In the bright Spring air



Take up the task of learning who else shares this village

With you

Me and

The other Humans who we do not see



The jackdaws


The Tawny owl

Whose terrible jet-lag makes us laugh

The deer

Whose prints we find in the soft morning mud



The hares

And the shrews

Badger scrapes the lawn




Now you’re big and trustworthy

The world is not so scary

And the world is





One thought on “Day 18: Never too young

  1. So beautiful, yes and true. We need to pass on our knowledge to the younger generations. Not just book learning and technology, but the basic things and cultivating a sense of curiosity and wonder ♥️🙏♥️🙏♥️


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