Day 20: the riverbank

What a beautiful morning. I am abundantly aware of how special this land is and how exceptional it is to be able to have this space to come to on my allocated exercise.

I awoke early this morning after a powerful Kabbalist meditation last night, which led to special dreams. I wanted to go outside and be alone. The sun was calling me.

I took my drum and went slowly along the riverside, taking photos of many, many magical plants. The light played on the dewy grasses and the lush wild garlic. Moss made stone and tree soft and hairy in the bright light. Dappled light played on the river’s surface and made the air warp and weave yellow and golden.

I drummed for healing, for love, for protection, for the blessings of the sun to touch those who need it now.

I walked a little further on. Just at the last point where I needed to turn back, I spied this stack of rocks. Huge, it towered high over the scatter on the riverbank. I stood and marvelled at its precision; each stones’ belief in gravity to both hold it up and weigh it perfectly upon the rock below and how each stone was both itself and part of the whole in its perfection.

I hope you all have a day that holds you safe.

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