Day 38: Yoni

An old friend video-called me yesterday

we spoke about rawness and poverty

how can a woman bleed safely

when she has no money for comfort between her legs?




We spoke about our yonis

those magical doorways into pleasure

and out into beinghood

and we women all have one

so what can be more equal than that?




What if I could not bleed in safety?

Or in peace?

What if I had shame, fear, resentment, horror

mixed up with

all the rest of what it means to bleed?






Later, a call came about


the raging energy

the power of the moment

turned inwards

and outwards





Why is this still on our minds?

Haven’t we evolved to know?





A yoni,

so small and so seemingly under control

is a raging,





explosive deity

and I have one between my legs


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