Day 41: Beltane

Storm clouds hung

Grey and towering and so so welcome

I half hoped for a deluge

Right in the middle of the ritual

The time for ritual came and on we got

The World Wide Web of internet zooming witches and wise women!

Hail and welcome!

Put your brooms in the virtual corner

Prop them by the door and

Settle into the moment of transition

This is the magic time

And no, I do not say that simply

Time to shed what was once

What had brought us right to the gate

Spring set the scene

For the ultimate flowering

The heat and sweat and hot ankles and soaked dripping cleavage

The grubby hands that pull up food

Herbs and medicine

For the healing of the world

Straw hat and freckled wrinkles

Overhead the apples will swell

And the plums will drop

Like men’s balls on twigs

Dangling right in our faces

For us to pick and suck and

be careful of the stone on delicate teeth,

For not all juicy things are altogether beneficent

Now, though let’s not get ahead of outselves

This is still just the doorway

Not passed through quite yet

We are still with one foot

On either side

I still hold Spring so dear and tender in my heart

For this lockdown has taught me true love

Reverence and devotion

To the burgeoning days I have been a part of

I am not ready to fall head first into Summer

Please, can I not rest a little while before that massive power

Is all around me?

Time is precious and it is flying

Faster and faster

It zooms

Like we wisewomen

Now on our electronic brooms

Connected through the ether

When all is confusion

Be held in the truth of Earth

And Sun

And their eternal dance of love

The deepest magic I want to learn is:

How can I slow down Time?

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