Day 52: These small days

It grew cold in the night

And we all relished the inward-looking invitation

To wrap up under fleece blankets

And watch unsuitable tv

And Star Wars

A New Hope

We made train tracks

And sang songs about pooing on the toilet

Got annoyed when he didn’t

Beating up ourselves

For not teaching him right

I read and read

An old familiar

About Merlin and magic

I sat on the wicker two-seater

Occasionally lifting my eyes

From the page to look

And marvel at the rare rain

I felt the trees soak up the water

I think I am running out of wisdom to learn

These small days

Of children and food

Of words and trees

Just hold me in their company

With no vast truths to tell

I sit

And wait

Like we all are doing

For something unknown

To both begin and end

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