Day 66: The end

Oh how

I have realised through this task

That much of the wisdom

That comes tumbling into me

Through senses

Alert and loving of this precious life

That if I do not write it


Down onto hard copy

The truths disappear

And I am left with

Nothing but


That what could have been

The very



Filled with words of truth

That could have saved us all

End up being about

The weather

And birds

And apple blossom



Of my life

Right now

Is not so deep as to be swayed even a little

If a squabble breaks out

Or the dog pees on the carpet

Or if a chicken egg

Smashes on the kitchen floor

And the toddler runs

Straight through

Gone have the lofty plans

To manage a poem a day

How about five-in-one

Playing constant catch-up

By looking through photos and

Giving thanks for snatched


Captured so I can build a memory around it

So that I can distil something of this strange and ordinary life

To you, dear reader

So that through this

We may


Hold onto something

No more daily doses of

Watered-down musings

Instead: I go back to what I know:

Downloads and magic

Flowing when Awen comes

I am no poet

There is no skill here

But I AM a conduit

Of which I am glad

2 thoughts on “Day 66: The end

  1. Ha Harriet!
    Today’s poem held such sweet singing in her own beauty and depth
    Today’s poem showed such strength and stamina in her own process
    Today’s poem offered such warm wisdom in her own learning
    Today’s poem shared with such generousity, greatly appreciated
    For the determination needed making the effort to give it a go!
    I tried just sharing a positive picture post
    Which fizzled in half that time
    But I’m glad I did it as I’m glad you did it
    So can only say Well done and Thank you 🙂 xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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