Last night I dreamt of blue

Last night I dreamt of blue

Flooding us all and I thought it was the oceans

Come to reclaim the land for itself once more

It was, but not yet, 

It said

This blue is made first in the human realm and then,

Oh then, when the waters really come

Will the inundation happen and

No sandbags of trust, loyalty and faith

Can hold 




A bomb went off and ripped the plinth of a Colonial icon

so that sherds of rock flew and a man cried out in grief

Roman numerals exposed and counting

Time is ticking

And we are still repairing the plinth

Be careful which deities you Invoke

For we are real, oh yes,

More powerful than your temples and altars ever could hold

Too destructive and too




The flames of small candles burn and banish the darkness

Even if for just a short while

For a small space in existent matter

And sounds ring through the realms

Onto the ears of Other Gods

Om gum ganapatayei



And so it shall be

Sisters of Light

Sisters of bravery

Sisters in time and space

For a moment there

I saw my heart beating

Raw in the candlelight

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