Day 4: Fear grabs at me today

Fears grab at me today

From the hidden crevices of my mind

What if?

Breathe into not knowing

Can you, please?

This tight chest doesn’t suit



I put up the hammock today and

Lay, swinging,


At a biplane flying overhead

In an empty sky it flew

Free and detached from all of this



People walked past my window, milling,



I tingle with incomprehension



Stay at home!

They activate their privilege and immunity

To the consequences of their actions

While my neighbour struggles to breathe

Through her 40-a-day habit

But she’s self-quarantined and

They are not



So who deserves the hospital bed?


The rage comes out

Oozing from me

Slowly and quietly

So as not to make a fuss



I hold my children tightly

And shield them from their






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