Day 5: If we are so rich

If we are so rich

How come recession looms

And starvation of our elders

And breakdown of global life support systems are imminent?



If we are so rich

And we have built irrefutable wealth in the blood and bones of billions

For tens of thousands of lies and years

Then why does the homeless man fear these corona days?




That is not richness

That is a poverty

So extreme as to make soldiers cry out in pain

And children’s nightmares fill their wide eyes



If we are so rich then

Where is the richness?

Who has it?

Hidden away in bunkers and under silken bedsheets

While the rest of us choose

If we should lie next to our loved ones

For fear of hurting them




If we are so rich

How come the richest I ever feel is when

I lie

Under the apple trees

Looking into the empty sky

With Blackbird and Wren and Tern

Talking over my non-existent collection of cells

While I sway

While I feel the breeze and the still-cool air

And feel the changing season


Ancestral wound

We are all from unbroken lines of ancestral resilience

That is our richness

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