Day 24: Chicken feathers

A cooler world today

Muted colours and barely any air moving

There is a contentment

That comes when children’s happiness

Is freed from relentless northern winds

For a moment I got to swing

In the hammock

And felt bliss

And quietude

The pup is in her first season



She is anxious and wary

And takes no shit from nobody



I look outside to see a sea of chicken feathers.

The panic grabs at my heart

I find her

Hunkered by the garish pink bucket

Barely alive

I hold her upside down and ask if I

Can see her wounds

Sobs come so easily nowadays

Mine and my children’s

The toddler gabbles the whole sorry story

We put her in the outside toilet

Where all our new girls have gone

To acclimatise after the horrors of the factory

And we wait

Feathers strewn all over the garden and

I think I’ll rake them up in the morning

Pup gets yelled at and we know we’re not doing it right

Terrible dreams of them lifting this lockdown before

It’s the right time and the virus

Takes us one feather at a time

Leaving us torn and naked

Frost dawns

And the feathers are being picked up for nesting beds

By dunnocks and tits and chaffinches

I leave them for their babies

She is still alive so

Today I will try some antibiotics and

Rescue remedy

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