Day 25: Kingly lover

It has suddenly dawned on me

That what I have mistaken for chaotic thoughts

Are in fact parts of a whole-making of me

Moving house into the van and onto the road,

That no longer is


My destiny

And we remain

Cocooned and safe

In our Moon Cottage

My breathing,

So constricted and light

Let out a sigh of gratitude and

So began the Lockdown

Niggles niggled

I should be doing something


I should be helping more than I am

I cannot bear this privilege

My mind begins to warp and weave into patterns of madness

The journey would have

Could have

Should have

Taken all my creativity

Yet we are here

All the answers come from within

Not out there

Turn off the computer and turn off the news

Stop for a moment and


For you are not lost in comfort given by a house no longer really yours

But from that place of safety

Perhaps then something can be done

Last night it dawned on me:

I am not going anywhere any time soon

So perhaps there is some use I can be?

Is that not what I have always craved?

I dreamt last night of a kingly lover

Who I could not find

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