Day 27: Another three weeks



I breathe a sigh of relief

I dreamt that the powers of money

Would force open my front door and

Rip me from my husband’s embrace

And my children’s souls as they grow



The apple tree has put out leaves

The plum and the cherry

So still and so alive

Are blooming

Every day I witness the cervix of Nature


Tiny motion by tiny motion


How grateful for this time

What blessing

And joy in stillness


What learning is there in these times?

Oh, so much and so deep

It has cut parts of me away that I never even knew were canker

To reveal the soft

Pink truth of me

Hidden away once

Now exposed to the air

Raw and beautiful and

Completely vulnerable



Another three weeks’ lockdown

And I am glad

Because my skin is so fresh

Like the cervix

I have been stretched and tenderised

Cut so that anyone can see

The unfurling of the leaves

And the blooming of petals


Everything is sacred;

In stillness is found

The only truth worth knowing

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