Day 28: Cherry and me

Like a Christmas tree

Decorated by a tiny child

Who can only reach so far

The cherry tree begins it blossoming

In her lowest branches

And slowly grows like a growing child

Up the levels

Branch to branch

Like slow moving

Joyous fire spreading

Branch by branch

I watch the blossom

Open up and show the world

The softest pink flush of petal and bloom

Its neighbours the Apple trees

When they open,

Their red blooms are like lips

Inviting bees to delve in

All the way into their bodies

And lose themselves in the sexiness

But my cherry tree

Blooms with an innocent that catches my breath

In wonder and true love

We have been friends,

Cherry and me

Spring to Spring

She has shown me brilliant reds and brown of autumn

Stark, still winter emptiness

And the fullness of summer fruits

I thought I had lost her friendship

For a few lonely seasons

Until I realised she was waiting for me

To remember how to listen

Her blossom is spreading

Each day it grows higher

And the child decorating the tree grows taller

Cherry speaks quickly now

As she knows I am leaving her soon

She puts her mind into my heart

With her colour and shape and movement and voice

And she says to me





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