Day 30: The White and Black thorns

Come through the whitethorn

But stay awhile and look

Look at the petals and

Look at the thorns

Look closer at the spindly branches

For there is a story tangled up in there







I bloom before the leaves are ready

To catch the first Spring’s sunlight gift

From our Sun god star

Before anyone else

I am ready






Look closer

See the blackthorn grows enmeshed in me

To step between the white and black thorns

Is to step into the Otherworld

Peopled with faeries and elves and goblins and trolls

And spirit animals and ancestors and the blueprint of ourselves

Each journey begins with a single step

So make it a beginning of worth

Humble and sacred

Beautiful and fearful

See what the pathway brings to you

As you journey through the black and white

Thorn and blossom, both







Returning from someplace is a great mystery

We have stepped into the Otherworld


We want to come home

But the Initiate knows there is no home

Once the black and white thorns have been passed through

We look instead for belonging

To know when the journey has turned full circle



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