Day 31: Cherry keeps telling me

Cherry keeps on speaking

Of blossom and birds and the seasons as they turn

She tells me that this year will be a fruitful one

For her and for her kind




There is a majesty in her patience

Rooted and growing

Cherry plays her part so well

Never alone, she gathers her beings

To cloak her and bless her

They live as one



Lichens on her north side

Ivy among her roots

Beetles and butterflies

So many scolding blackbirds

It is easy to lose count

Except now I know them by sight



Young, noisy males

Tired, loving females

One year she grew five babies

Taken in their first night by the magpie

She sat alone on an empty nest

As my heart broke



The Old Man of the tree

Brightest billed blackbird

Knows the score and keeps his domain

For now

From his rivals




I am housing flies for when the swallows arrive

she says

I cannot wait

To witness the murder

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