Day 32: Earth Day

I awoke after dreaming,

early, in my limestone house,

hoo-hoo of the wood pigeons

my alarm call,

light diffused through the upstairs windows

speaks of dawn gone by an hour, maybe


I breathed

in and out







I had been sleeping Earth Day away

lounging in cotton bedsheets

in cotton t-shirt;

that will not do, I thought,

so  I had a drink of crystal clear water,

swung my legs out of bed,

draped my cotton bath robe around me,

feet onto the wooden floor

and I went down the stairs


Across the wool carpeted living room

and onto the bamboo floor kitchen

I walked

To the kettle and turned to fill it up with more

crystal clear water,

then I put coffee in the pot and

a teabag in the cup

and waited



Electricity sparked

and heated and delivered

hot, perfect water

and I walked back up the stairs

to my loved one and my boistrous child,

I opened the curtains and watched

the tree creeper in the silver birch across the road

and the pair of jackdaws in the conifer


We breathed in

and out

some more

while we sipped



Tendrils of spider webs shimmered across the window

and the breeze waved them like the fingers

on Her hands



-“Happy Earth day”

-“How will you mark it?”

By tiny little thank yous

one breath at a time,

perhaps draw Teasel

The gratitude I feel is so close to sorrow

right now

so perhaps

when the Earth catches my tears

She will taste the gratitude in the salty tang



What else could I give Her

when She has given me my life?









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