Day 34: This observant one

Why oh why

Mummy, oh wise one,

please tell me this:

the animals I see

all around us are having babies

in the bright abundance of Spring

and we humans can have them

any day we want.

why, oh wise one?

Because, oh observant one,

there is food for mother

and baby in Spring so that

the gods of the future are satisfied,

the worm is sacrificed for the blackbird

See! His beak is full

lamb and bird,

badger and hedgehog

No, it’s ok to be sad to see

how the worm wriggles and strains

in the grasp of impending death


but it is all preordained;

that is what Spring is all about

some die so others live

But humans-

to answer your question,

we learned long ago to harness more than Spring’s bounty and

so we could take food

and preserve it

like mummies and bog bodies

for us to satiate our earthly needs

now we grow or fly

what we want from

where we want

any day of the week

Our fecundity knows no

human limitation but our

cycles of moon days and

this power has terrified us

generation by generation

so we make it Spring whenever our offspring births

for terror of starvation

So mummy, oh wise one,

when we cannot fly raspberries from chile

nor potatoes from Russia

will then all babies be born in April,

like the lambs and the chicks?

And all our dead still die in the Spring?

She sees some depths in this time of story and meaning,

This observant one

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