Day 35: Some underground agreement

Last autumn I picked a juicy apple

And I planted Its core in a pot

And I waited for something to happen

And of course nothing happened

Until this Spring

By then I had forgotten

About this hidden potential,

When suddenly I saw

Three tiny beings

Poking up in my kitchen

Oh! How I was glad!

Such surprise and such joy!

A coreful of pips,

Waiting in the dark until they knew

By some magic trick of light and air

That Spring had begun

They Now was the Time

Yet now

I see one seedling is failing

One seedling is stunted

One seedling grows tall and determined

By subterranean agreement

Down in the realm of darkness

Where agreements with Hades,

Ereshkigal or

Arawn whose sacred land this Apple grew in

In whose soil they have made their agreement

How would it have gone, such an agreement?

I am the greater!

No, it is I who should thrive!

What about me? Should I not flourish, at a your expense?

Perhaps there is even one pip who never awoke at all

Down there,


Cells returned back to Arawn’s soul

To return once more as another being

I have not forgotten:

Before I was in this middle-world

I too made an underground agreement

With Arawn in His world

To thrive at some expense;

Let me not shy from this truth,

I am not here unfettered by such a tally

Lives of countless given,

For me to thrive:




I have taken others’ air and soil and land and water,

I have stood on the shoulders of many

And I have thrived

Such agreements exact high price

To live is to be held account

To make such an agreement

Means this to be true

Yet that is not the whole story:

For when I leave this world

I will become sacrifice for another’s agreement

And so the Circle is complete

The apple seedlings grow

Enacting their underground truth

I am merely the gardener

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