Day 43: Elementals everywhere

I ran again yesterday

along the old tracks and railway line

I watched my feet go like metronomes

pound pound pound

breathe in

pound pound


I saw a doctor friend who said

I am no hero

but you’re amazing

I thought

as she ran home to her children

and I ran on

just to waste some time

A leveret

about two months old

flushed from the hedgerow

by my crazed and delerious pup

she ran

straight for me

and I watched in amazement

and wondered

when is she going to notice?

Right by me,

so close that in slow motion

I could have picked her up

she clocked

and swerved

chased by Pup and me yelling

to a deaf-eared maniac

Mother Hare watched the whole sorry chase

as Baby leapt into a hedge and escaped

Pup came back and passed

straight to where Mother

sauntered through into her field

and she waited

Pup gave up,

found some sheep shit to gnaw

I stood and watched:

Mother had three more babies



they came out from under a little shack


smelling the air

chased leveret trusted to come back

in her own time

I suppose

Then two rabbits appeared



and my inner kid

wanted one to hold and stroke

not this noisy


wild creature-chasing

idiot dog

who eats sheep crap

and then comes up for a kiss

The horror of it

I ran on and found

where the apple fairies live

through a wrought iron gate

(iron will keep them in,

the Victorians thought that

but now we know that those who

wealded the iron

wanted dominion over

those whose protection was bronze and stone

and rose and hawthorn)

an orchard bewalled

and secret

I climbed the wall and

wrenched my shoulder

sorry, I won’t try to look in again

I apologised to them

as you should when they play a trick

to teach you a lesson

the pain left

and I breathed a sigh of gratitude

remembering to ask permission


but especially at Beltane

when the veil is thin

but the Elementals

are everywhere








crazed dog

I need no more proof

5 thoughts on “Day 43: Elementals everywhere

      1. And what is funny is that I KNOW to practice that. I speak to the elementals, the nature beings, the hidden folk, all the time. I’ve done blessings for my thresholds, in and out of the house (but apparently not the steps!)…I leave offerings. I slipped up. Then I slipped.

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      2. Don’t we all! I’ve just edited the poem to reflect something that I knew intuitively but has been pointed out: iron is not a fairy’s enemy, rather a tool to create a sense of ‘other’.


  1. I think I may have realized that too! One year on my birthday I took my customary “compass readings” walk, which I do on my birthday and New Year’s Day, no matter what (only missed one, and I really felt it). That day my forest gifted me with a pair of amazing deer bones, all crusted with calciferous concretions; it must have been terribly painful, and given my arthritis, it seemed fitting. I made one of them into the handle for a beautiful knife that has always felt blest by the fae.

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