Day 44: Masked

My turn to go to the supermarket

all ailments suddenly inflated

what if my cough is The cough?

I mask up





In the supermarket

on goes the mask and a man

asks if they work?

I reminded him about wearing trousers when he

pisses himself and I won’t get wet

He actually smiled





The checkout lady

gave me the most heartfelt

thank you

I’ve had for a very long time




The cough hasn’t been






A Zoom call

again- when will they end?

My arse is getting wide-

and in front of a group of wise women

I appear





This time there is no mask

not one.

Vulnerable and kind

generous and wise

we learn

and we are seen

really seen





Look at each other- really 


I say

Perhaps it’s easier to really look

when there are two screen and

hundreds of miles between the eyes


To be seen, masked up and

mask gone-

how the vulnerability

sings through my bones





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