Day 49: Small transformations everywhere

Everywhere are


I mean of the transformational kind

Dandelion into clock


Romantic blackbirds

Into parents

Or mourners

Bare tree into blossoming


Into shedder of display

Into bursting with

Fruit beginnings

Daffodils into dying heads

clumps of a has-been

Display that needs to be


Untouched and

Forgotten as we move

Onto the next blissful


Let them return to the Earth


To do their important work

Of renewal and birth

Raspberries are coming

But the buds have not even yet

Opened into petals

Yet I am hopeful of a bumper crop

Chalk pictures

Get drawn

A portal of magic

Then scuffed and scattered

Into dust of rainbow hues

Books have changed

From words of promise

Into received wisdom

And I am changed

Change goes ever on;

It is the one


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