Day 50: The perfect circle

Today is VE day

The day when Europe glimpsed

How possible it was for

love and forgiveness

To come to pass

My father

A mere babe

Evacuated from London

To Wales with older sisters

And mother

While granddad was a milkman

With a horse and cart


They came home to him

To the horse and the milk

Bunting and cake

Kisses from strangers

And so many tears on his toddler head

My son

His age now

With two older sisters

Waiting patiently for peace to reign

For our dreams of love

To manifest and come to pass

And we wait

To step outside the front door

To tears and hugs and joy

And a promise of all we hope for

Societal cohesion

Community care

Ecological restoration

Deep awareness of the human niche

Manifesting our place

For we were meant to have one

And many are remembering

I drew the perfect circle

In chalk

I wish it were permanent

But it is blowing away

As soon as I draw it

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