Day 54: Cross-over days

I have noticed cross-over days

When one thing holds my attention

Like bright starred daffodils

So robust and sure of their time

Allocated by divine Order

Then bluebells


Bursting forth

One diminishes as one ascends

But for a glorious day

Both hold beauty in their beings

And bless me as I gaze upon them

Like the cherry tree

Soft delicate petals tower high

Beneath them leaves burst

While the apples who surround her

Take more time with their blossom


For one or two days

Both cherry and apple


Beautifully and perfectly

Show me their most delicate parts

Before cherry drops her petals

And apple ascends into full pink perfection

Now the river is covered with discarded husks

No more need for the sheath

Where once new leaves hid

The wind has dispersed all need

For protection

The river takes this unnecessary fibre

Far out to sea

Where it will sink

To be made into food for monsters

And returned back to our table


If it weren’t for plate tectonics

Mother Planet

Would have silted up

Eons ago

Now is a messy


Time of year

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