Day 55: Buttercups

Come on, mummy!

The buttercups are waiting

I want to see their glowing faces

Touch their stalks

And make a bouquet for daddy

Listen to the crows,

Can you hear them?

They are saying


Thoughts have dragged at my heels

Of late

Grief and sorrow

Memories of

Foot and mouth

Piles of carcasses

Smoking beacons of failure

Suicidal farmers

I worked in fields

In Eire


One case they had


Disinfectant everywhere

White overalls

And new boots

Keep the farmers safe

Keep the animals alive

Be careful and

Know just how powerful you are

But here:



“There was no other way”

I could see the pyres


As I came into land

Going to the meadow

To see the buttercups growing

Is just what I need

Cows would make beautiful butter

From these

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