Day 56: Birthday alien

I began the day

At the old Sycamore

Given to the village

To commemorate something big



And organised takeover

Yet see how much life it holds

Hawthorn and pigeon

Crows and ivy

Weave and cling to its enormous


It was my mother’s birthday

And the cat

Modern tech

Linked the family

Across the globe we laughed

And I threatened to write a book

About our memories

At the old mill again

Ravaged and robbed

By time and people

Now it is a tumble of stone

And hints of watercourses

The kids adore it

Racing across the meadow

And into the fast water


At the close of day

I watched Alien

And watched their faces

When John Hurt’s



They weren’t expecting it

Even when aliens are involved

We never expect such horror

Until it’s done

And he is lying

Dead on the supper table

The alien fled

The human gore remains

We can but see the past and learn

Of the pain when what we love

Is taken

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