Day 58: Dreams and visions

It is dawning


Through the treacle of incompetence

That my words count

And I should be writing what I am learning

Like the truth that Spirit Animal

Gazed at me

Waiting at the edge of the glade

For me to enter

Or the doorway

Made from oak

Hanging suspended

By nothing

And through it I glimpse

A mountain top

And a chalice

And air

Pure and crisp blows in my eyes

And they water

With its sting

And with love

Or the wild garlic

Whose scent I can only occasionally catch

So I know I am both human and not

I do not

Do things like everyone else

Or the mugwort

Sprouted by my garden bench

Whose leaves I caress like the dog’s ears

And who whispers dreams and visions as I sit

And tells me it’s time to step into them





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