Day 59: My birthday tower

And so here it is

and the day dawns

to the truth that I am one year more

more than I was




The river calls

Two new duck families

Barely two days old



More old

more wise?

more me




The spiral continues upwards

like a staircase in the tower

that I dream abut often

clinging to the stone walls

I climb





Over the old ground I go

yet time and again

I am higher

I see more

same place:

different perspective





I dream that the stones steps

are worn away


I lose my hold and

my stomach lurches

with vertigo




wooden stakes

replace the steps

but even they

are rotten and slippery

I lie

prone on my stomach






Yet on I go

upwards and onwards





I never fall





I have not got to the top yet

I feel the walls

cold and strong

as I climb




The tower




I am just the traveller





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